During the gathering you will be offered:
Fresh running water
Live Music Playing

There will be many ~Beautiful MUSIC~ hosted throughout our 3 day home in the beautiful natural setting; 

May our connections deepen beyond the depth of the sea; to our self, each other, and the earth!

~The Rejuvenation/Relax Station~ will tenderly care for your wellness!

~Food Vending~ will be on site throughout the Festival.


We are PRO-Family and PRO-Kids!  We ask that all our community appreciate nurturing our future and being a positive example when around all children! Children Under 12 Years are in for Free :)

~Rejuvenation Station/Sanctuary~

*We are providing a medical tent, staffed with competent volunteers around the clock all week/weekend long. It will be clearly marked and nearby the dance floor.
*IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: go directly to the Rejuvenation Station.
*All walkie-talkie carrying Staff will be wearing a Blue armband, do not hesitate to ask us for assistance when needed.

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